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RGI Sculptures
Home of Fine Artwork, Metal Sculpture & Jewelry
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Wall Hangings
All pieces on this page were hand hammered, brazed and filed.
Man of War

     This is made from recycled Metal from the Roof of a 1700 House.

      This 6 foot tall, 3 foot wide Copper and Brass wall sculpture would go well in a large bathroom or Nautical themed room.
Pyramidal Experiance
     All Steel Rod of variouse sizes.

     In the style of Picasso this piece spans 24 inches with a height of 36 inchs
Searching for Lint
an Interpretational piece of several scetchs from Pablo Picasso

     Made of Copper and Brass with a Bronze backing.

     This stands 66 inches tall and 48 inches wide.
Derelict Ship
     Made intirely of Coat Hangers.

     This piece measures 3 feet by 2.5 feet
Nursing Whale
     This piece is made of hammered Copper and Brass Design.

This piece has been filed, sanded and highly polished with clear acrylic coating applied
Illumated Cross
     This enlighted piece was designed with recycled Copper and Brass over a bronzed backing.

With a light fixure inside this piece brightens any wall.
Angel Fish
     Spanning 4 feet in height and 2.5 feet in width, made or recycled Copper and Brass.

The accents on this piece are made of Brass Rod of varying sizes

If you have any questions or are interested on purchasing any of my work please E-Mail me at bigbob@pa.net.