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RGI Sculptures
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All pieces on this page were hand hammered, brazed and filed.
Natures Breakfast Table
      The Nest is 4 foot in diamater, made of Bronze Rod.

     The Abstract Tree is made from Rusted, Cold Rolled and Waxed Steel. This piece stands about 6.5 feet tall with a 5.5 foot diameter base.

     The 3 birds are made from various sizes of Steel Welding rods.
Man on a Hat Studying the Universe
     The Hat the the Man is on I not seen in these pictures. The hat stands about 4 feet tall made of Cold Rolled Steel with a Bronze Feather on the side.

     The Man is made of various sizes of Steel welding rods. The universe that he is holding is comprised of Copper and Brass.

The total height of piece is about 7.5 feet tall with the bottom of the Hat measuring 2.5 feet in diameter.
Picasso Unplugged
an Interpretational piece
     Created with Copper and Brass all, fabricated by the artist, this won First place at the Patiche, The art of Interpretation, Art Show in Harrisburg, Pa.

This is an Interpretation of Picasso's "Guitar".
The Rose
     This Marquette was designed in Steel Sheet and Rod.

     Original invisioned as a 30 foot tall, 8 foot in diameter sculpture.

     These has been in the artist collection for many years. He has choosing to release it publicly in hopes to make it the full size.

If you have any questions or are interested on purchasing any of my work please E-Mail me at bigbob@pa.net.